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Okay so I’m pretty new at this. Blogs seem to be the ‘it’ thing these days so I figured why not? It’ll surely be a more productive waste of time than sitting at home watching mind numbing reality TV shows; otherwise known as my regular Tuesday night.
I initially thought starting a blog would be quite a quick and easy process. Oh how wrong I was!

Step 1: Google WordPress.
Easy enough.

Step 2: Open an account.
Again fairly painless. Remembering my password may be a bigger issue but I digress.

Step 3: Set up a ‘theme’ for your blog.
Well 3 hours later, my extremely anal retentive mind has settled on one. And by ‘settled’ I mean have left it the same long enough to write this entry.

Step 4: Set up a color scheme.
Now a normal person would probably just chose two colors they like and go with it. But no, not me. After going through just about ever color option known to man, I settled on orange and grey. Quirky, but modern and inviting I thought.

Step 5: Pick a display picture for your ‘theme’.
Okay so here is where it all went wrong.  I initially chose a colorful map of the world. Given my blog will be partly travel writing (other part ranting) I deemed a map of the world appropriate. But the colorful map didn’t suit the orange and grey color scheme, and we can’t have that can we!? Back to step 4 we go.

Step 6: Lose your mind.
Ahhh finally something I’m experienced in doing! Well a further 3 hours later, we have the finished product. A paris themed display picture (which will no doubt be changed 14 times by tomorrow) and a blue and cream scheme. As quirky as orange and grey? Probably not. But at least it gives me an excuse to say ‘cream scheme’ over and over again.

Now after all that, I’m thinking maybe spending my nights watching bad reality TV is probably the better way to go…

Ow and for the record, this is me:
Meet me.


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