Hey Mister, I’m a liberated sister! (Part 2)

Wow, so yesterdays post was nice and controversial. I’ve been overwhelmed at the feedback I’ve received, both positive and negative. If nothing else, I like that it’s got people thinking and talking about issues affecting (or not affecting – depending on your view) women. And unfortunately for those who disagree with me, it’s not going to stop me expressing my views. But constructive criticism, comments and debate are always welcome.
And with that, I’d like to thank everyone for reading my posts in all their random glory. The feedback and support everyone has given me has been immense and very encouraging.

To add a little humor to yesterdays post please check out this vid. It’s by Kitty Flanagan (a female comedian – shock horror) and her sister Penny. It’s their take on the ‘new’ feminism through song. And also where I got the title for the posts.
The song is absolutely brilliant, if I do say so myself.


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