A Postcard from Croatia

Okay, someone needs to get me out of here!
I’m encompassed by intoxicating beauty, inconceivable tranquility and warm hospitality; all whilst being immersed in a culture and history that contextualises post-war Europe.
I’m surrounded by a plethora of rustic castles bathed in soft light and kissed by the gentle sun. I spend my days grazing on heavenly food and basking in the perfect weather whilst walking along breathtakingly beautiful beaches. I spend my nights revelling in world-famous nightlife and in the company of ridiculously handsome and excruciatingly delightful locals, visitors and friends.

If I don’t leave now I fear I’ll never return home.

If I don’t leave now, I will never feel content anywhere else in the world. For no where else is this awe-inspiring, this stunning and this exhilerating. How am I ever going to return home and continue living my life when I have seen and experienced paradise? How can I return to normalcy, knowing that my normalcy doesn’t include spending endless hours lying in lavender fields reading books and drinking wine, while birds chirp brightly? Or eating freshly caught fish whilst butterflies dance around me and the cool gentle Adriatic breeze blows over me.

How can I leave a place that is a jewel of the Mediterranean and not look back and dream of staying forever? A place that incorporates bewitching architecture, heavenly landscapes and Renaissance culture while at the same time, illuminating that the counterpoint of existential pain is humans’ deep capacity for happiness.

A place that irrespective of it’s geographical location; a part of the world that has played witness to so much destruction, heartache and tribulation is, like most of the Balkans taking steps forward to peace, stability and rightful prosperity. How can I leave here, part of a land that I emanate from and not be moved by it’s history, it’s trials and it’s beauty?

Someone needs to get me out of here before I irrationally decide to stay forever.

But I know at the end of the day, another home, far away from this one awaits me. And I’ll leave; reluctantly, but I’ll leave. For I know it won’t be long before I come back…

Layla and I with an amazing view in Hvar - an island off Split.

Layla and I with an amazing view in Hvar – an island off Split.


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