Umm, kongratulations?

Praise be to the lord!
Make some noise for the baby mama!
Just when we thought the Mayans were wrong.
Today in smart people being good role models…Kimye are preggers!

Yes, as predicted by witches, astronomers and tabloids alike, Kim Kardashian is with child. Now these ‘no way can they be responsible for a child’ tidings have sparked a few thoughts:

1. Oh Khrist.
2. Yo Kim, congratulations for being pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, and I’m going to let you finish but Beyonce had the cutest baby of all time. Of all time!
3. Hopefully being pregnant will give Kim the incentive she needs to stay with a man for more than 72 days.
4. The Mayans may have indeed been close as the apocalypse is nigh with the conception of this most unholy child.
5. I look forward to watching ‘Keeping up with the Kontractions’.
6. If it’s a girl, will they name her Khlamydia?
7. What ever you do please don’t name her ‘Bluer Ivy’.
8. This is going to be a longer pregnancy than Jessica Simpson’s, isn’t it?
9. I need to be in medically induced coma until she divorces the baby.
10. Congratulations Kris Humphries…your wife is going to have a baby!
11. Taylor Swift needs to up her game.
12. And on the 18th birthday he found out it wasn’t his.